Our Initiatives

Components of the initiative include the following:

  • Establishment of Sub-divisional level field teams with grassroots functionaries of all departments which will respond to cases of stray animals reported on a helpine number & will transport them to the nearest shelter/gosadan.

  • Establishment of District level team under the chairmanship of Deputy Commissioner and related departments for a monthly review of tasks undertaken for rehabilitation of said animals

  • Development of gosadans at block and a “master gosadan” at the district level which shall be monitored under the aegis of this society.

  • A pilot initiative to tag fluorescent collars to any cattle belonging to owners at fringes of a highway so as to increase their visibility and prevent accidents lest they wander on to the highways.

  • Sustainability of the caretaking institutions viz. Gosadans shall be of utmost importance for the success of the scheme. Revenue generating options such as composting of farm yard manure for sale are imperative.

  • Sustainability shall also be ensuee via registration of gosadans under Govansh Samverdan Board which shall route funds for fodder and transportation etc.,

  • To prevent overcrowding of said gosadans, a scheme for effective labelling and identification of cattle shall be undertaken through MICRO CHIPPING of all cattle with the assistance of Govansh Samverdan board and partly from the owner.

  • Options to tax-exempt donations to this society under section 80 G of IT Act are also being explored.